Friday, July 4, 2014

Bailey's Art Party!

Oh my goodness, I can't even believe I'm saying this, but my sweet Bailey girl is EIGHT!!! Eight, as in the number 8.  Goodness, she was 8 months just does this happen!?!?!  I say it every time, but ugh...HOW do we slow this time thing down!?!?! 
Ok, enough of the heavy stuff...
This was SUCH a fun party theme!!!  Bailey loved the idea of having an art party since she loves crafts (just like her mama).  First stop in party planning, contact my party design expert Amanda of AMANDAS PARTIES TO GO and find her suuuuuuper colorful, gorgeous, PERFECT art party collection and plan a party around it! ;) 
I love the way this party turned out.  I'm a sucker for color and this one has LOTS of it!!!  If you're planning an art party, this printable collection is a MUST!  RIGHT HERE is where you can get your own personalized set.  So fab! ;)
Ok, here we go....our Bailey's 8th Birthday ART Party!!!

Cake first...

Cake pops using watercolor paint brushes as sticks.

"Blank Canvas" cookies.  Later in the party the kids decorated these sugar cookies using Americolor edible ink markers.

Cupcakes!  How adorable are the toppers!?! 
I always get emails on where I got the printable collection...
If you'd like these toppers they're found  riiiiight HERE! <--click all="" link="" on="" p="" that="" y="">

Wrapped candy bars...

One of Bailey's favorite candies are these wax liquid sugar thingies.  Not even sure what they're called, but we played them off as paint tubes.  ;)  She was thrilled that they made an appearance on the table! 

Rice Krispie Paint brushes

"Creative Juice" with fondant bottle toppers

The "not so blank" canvases after the kiddos did their artistic magic on them...

  Juice boxes turned into crayons using the wraps from Amanda's collection. 

 I  turned dollar store paint brushes into ribbon streamer wands by hot gluing ribbon to the base of the brushes (where the brush meets the handle).  

This was a fun little punch game I made.  Under each color (tissue paper) was a prize.  The girls used the paint brush to break the tissue paper and reveal their prize.