Sunday, October 24, 2010

Seersucker and Crabs Baby Shower

Here is a cake I did for an old college friend who was throwing a Seersucker/Crabs themed baby shower. The inspiration for this cake came from this picture of a cute little Seersucker/Crabs romper.

Seersucker cake balls. :)
What a cute baby shower theme for a little southern gentleman to be! I thought it was such an original idea that I put together a few party ideas in case anyone else is a seersucker's fan.

click pic to enlarge

First off, this party theme needs lots of blue and white stripe w/ splashes of red. Check out this amazing party put together by Kim from TomKat Studios. Not a seersucker party, but the color scheme goes!
And in the top right corner is a great idea using baby bottles as drink containers for your guests! I love it. Stick a blue and white striped paper straw in it and you've got seersucker written all over this cute idea! Found here.
Right below that...napkins! Find white and blue striped and use red utensils. Tie it up w/ some blue and white ribbon and add a red paci on for a cute baby accent!

Bottom left corner has a great table scape design for a seersucker party. Next to the table are paper crabs, found here, that you could scatter on the table.
And last, don't forget to give your guests an after dinner mint! Blue and white peppermint candies are just the thing! Its all in the details!!!!

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