Monday, December 19, 2011

Keeping busy....

Wow. I've been pretty light on the posting lately but these days are getting away from me!!! I'm normally pretty good about not letting myself get overhwelmed during this time of the year, but this Christmas is different. I feel like a crazy lady being pulled in every direction! ;)

I needed some therapy! So I got my girl and we rolled our sleeves up for some good ol' fashion fun in the kitchen. Gingerbread cookie time!!!! Its so refreshing to bake and decorate without the pressure...who cares what it looks like just as long as you're having fun doing it (and it tastes good)!!! :)

Here we are (me no makeup, hair pulled back, messy kitchen... you think I'm scared??) cutting out our cookies, getting them ready for the oven! Nothing makes my girl more excited than decorating cookies!

Wonder where she gets that from??? ;)

Concentration people. I started off the border and then handed it over to B. She did the classic mistake of putting the tip too close to the don't want to drag it...I tried to teach her the proper way, but do you THINK she'd listen to me? NOPE! Instead she just said, "Here! You wanna do it?!" (we're going to have such a good time when she hits those teenage years aren't we!)

To which I said, no ma'am...this is your rodeo!!! Her vision/design was much different than mine so it worked out well!!! :) How awesome are these???? I know all you single ladies have your eye on that gingerbread man! He's taken ok. Get yer own man!

All you bakers, crafters, whatever' know that feeling of pride after you sit back and look at what YOU just created? All by yourself. Your two hands. Great feeling isn't it?

Prideful to sad after I told her she could only eat one. Happy Holidays y'all!!!!

I'll be back after a few hours of a cute dessert table to show off. :)

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