Sunday, May 13, 2012

Makers Mark Cake

This cake is one that just makes you want to pour a glass of whiskey, doesn't it?!!? ;) (at least that's what I wanted to do while sculpting it) Kidding! No I'm not. Totally serious. Carving cakes makes my head spin sometimes. But it all worked out and in my opinion turned into a pretty cool cake. :))

Made for a rehearsal dinner, the bride wanted to surprise her groom with a Maker's Mark bottle cake.  It needed to serve 70 so I set the bottle on top of a 3 layer 10 inch round barrel cake.  Both cakes were filled w/ butter cream, then iced in a thin layer of butter cream, then another good layer of chocolate ganache, then covered w/ chocolate fondant and last but not least, topped off w/ red candy melts for the "wax" or whatever that Makers Mark bottle stuff is. lol  

How yummy was this cake???  Goodness gracious!  Did I make your mouth water at all??  ;)))
Oh, and I used my edible printer and icing sheets for the bottle label. Love that printer! :)


  1. Great job! The details are fantasic! And so amazing how sharp the image appears from an edible printer.

  2. Gosh, Can these be eaten? They looked so real!

  3. What kind of printer do you use? What brand of icing sheets? you did a really great job :)