Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thomas The Train Cake

Wow, this one might be my new favorite! I love the way this came together. The girl that ordered it gave me complete free reign to do whatever I wanted (Thomas themed). I couldn't decide on a 3D (which intimidated me) or a safe, but still cute 2 tier....I decided to go outside my comfort zone and go the 3D route. I'm so glad I did! :) I love the way he turned out and I really think it will please the birthday boy!!!

And I had to include a few party ideas for a Thomas inspired party.

First off, starting on the right...check out these cupcakes! Are they not to die for!?!? I don't even want to know how long it took her to make all those toppers. I think my eyes would be permanently crossed after making those! Yikes! But how cute are they!?!? And what a great way to represent all the other characters of the Thomas franchise. Check them out here. Another cupcake idea that is a little less daunting, but still super cute can be found here.
Then, going counter clockwise, check out these parties, here and here. I love the way they used little train toys and RR Crossing signs to decorate the party.
Then, what a great craft idea for your train/Thomas party! Creatology makes great wooden trains that you can paint. You can find them at Michaels for $1 a train!! Great party activity.
Next to those, check out these train straw cups! OMG. Seriously, these alone make me want to throw a Thomas the Train party!
The bottom left corner is such a cute table scape. This table came from this talented party planner.
And to wrap things up, bottom right corner shows conductor hats and bandannas...a must at any Thomas party!!!
Have fun and happy planning!

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  1. The Cake was a hit! Augie said, "Lizabeth it looks just like the real Thomas!" As always a very satisfied birthday boy! Thanks for helping to make this day more special! Liz