Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trophy Husband Party

Well, that was a great party!!!! I first got the idea of this theme from a very talented event planner in the Salt Lake City area, Brittany Egbert (check her out at She threw a trophy husband party for her hubby's birthday. I thought it was such a cute idea and decided to transform it from a birthday party to a Father's Day celebration. It was great. Lots of laughs, the guys were such great sports about everything and we had so much fun!!! I've got a ton of pictures to share so here goes....

First off, the cake/cupcakes...

I just love these cupcake toppers...

The flavors were chocolate chip cookie dough and oreo.

Cupcakes served with shots of milk. Can't eat an Oreo cookie cupcake w/o milk!!!

I served a few appetizers, tried to stick to a "man food" menu of sliders, sloppy joes, pigs in a blanket and a 7 layer dip...

The trophy husband kit. This made for some good laughs when opened!!!

Some of the contents included:

These glasses are perfect for trophy husbands...we all know trophy husbands are great listeners but even the most experienced trophy husbands get overwhelmed with all the listening that is required from them. These glasses will allow you to appear as if you're listening, but in reality you can take this time to zone or even take a nap while your wife goes on and on....

Austin, demonstrating how the glasses work...
A whoopie cushion, because everyone knows that trophy husbands don't have gas...

Put this mess on your wife's favorite rug and watch as she freaks out. Tell her to go relax, you'll take care of it. 10 minutes later call her in the room to show her how you just cleaned up the worst stain ever! You're a miracle worker!!

Other goodies in the kit included dead batteries, to put in the remote control so your wife can't change the channel while you're trying to watch a football game.

And a fortune cookie...with a helpful fortune inside. ;)

The guys and their trophy husband shirts I ordered for the party. It was so fun watching them all hangin' out in their matching shirts. lol

We had the guys do a couple "competitions" to prove their trophy husband-ness. First up, dizzy bat. So awesome! I haven't played dizzy bat in Lord knows when. The guys split up into two teams. They had to chug a few ounces of beer, then spin around 4 times, run to one cone and then back. This game made for several sore bellies from laughing so hard!!!

Denny and Jeff celebrating b/c they just won. Cheaters... ;)

Then we went inside and played the newly wed game. This ended up being hilarious and probably my favorite part of the whole night. Denny was the winner and took home the coveted prize of a calendar of all the trophy husbands.

I had the Gallery of Trophy Husbands up... (see previous trophy husband post for explaination on this one)

Me and MY Trophy Husband. :)

Gosh what a great party! It was a great way to celebrate Father's Day with all our awesome hubbies. Happy Father's Day to all you awesome daddys out there!!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud reading your last several posts. I'm "following" you, but must have forgotten to check for who knows how long. I looooove your creativity. Can't wait to check back more often now!

    P.S. My husband is turning 30 this next year and I'm thinking the trophy husband would be perfect. Any tips to do/not do?

  2. Go for it!! I think a Trophy Husband party theme is perfect for a 30th. :) I would definitely do the newly wed game if most of the people invited are married and/or coupled up. And dizzy bat was seriously hilarious! Good luck w/ your party!!! And thanks for the compliments. :)

  3. I. love. this. What a cute idea for a party! The details are amazing! I often call myself a trophy wife, so I might have to do this theme for my next birthday!

  4. I just found your blog and would love to know how u made your toppers, cupcakes and cake and all the little stuff..can I buy them somewhere?

  5. PLease tell me where you got the cupcake toppers & cupcake recipe/cake recipe! I love them! If you made them I would love to know how I may have some for my hubby's birthday or next Father's day?


  6. I made the toppers myself from images I found all over the place online. Lots of googling. ;) I wish I still had the file, but my computer crashed and I lost everything. :(

  7. Hey Kate, LOVE this and you saved our bacon @ the last minute, we needed a guy's party idea for a New Years Eve/Adult Birthday Party combo, and this is perfect. Did you use the same idea for the invites as Brittany @ OneCharmingParty or something different?
    Thanks a ton!