Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pinkalicious Tea Party

Oh my, I don't think I've ever been in the presence of so much PINK!!! This party was PINK PINK PINK!!! When Katie (one of my best friends) told me she wanted to plan a birthday tea party for her daughter Kate (one of Bailey's best friends) I told her I HAD to help. Not only are they awesome friends, but I just love a good party!!! And I'm so happy I got the opportunity to help her b/c it was such a fun party to plan!!!!

Here goes about 1000 pictures....get ready for lots and lots of PINK!!

The dessert buffet. So PINK!

I heard a couple girls admiring the cupcakes saying "are these real cupcakes?"

Kate's cupcake sat on its own special stand...


The little girls got their nails painted pink by our lovely assistants. After their nails were done they were adorned with pinkalicious rings made by yours truly. ;)

The food!!

Butterfly shaped PB&J sandwiches (w/ PINK bread!)

There was a "green table" for the adults. We were served green food like grapes, broccoli, chicken salad, etc. This was done to ensure than us adults didn't turn pink like Pinkalicious and all her friends. ;)

Bailey enjoying a pink PB&J

And what 4 year old pinkalicious tea party would be complete without pink lemonade!?!?

Such dainty little drinkers....

Does it get any cuter than 10 little girls in pink floppy hats????

Reading Pinkalicious while the girls ate their lunch and sipped their "tea"...

Birthday girl and her pretty mama...

Later I heard one of the little girls say "So when are we going to turn pink???" lol I don't know if I should be happy or disappointed that my cupcakes didn't deliver the "pink consequence".

The party favors...

Inside was a little green cake ball b/c we all know that the only cure for rare and acute pinkititis is GREEN FOOD!!


  1. This is amazing! I love all the pics! You worked hard on this! It really shows! I just love it to pieces!

  2. LOVE this! My favorite part is the treatment of the balloons over the table. Looks like they are dripping from the ceiling. So cute!

  3. Look's like turtle may have a budding career as a hand model. I love that last pic...

  4. Yeah, especially with the Spongebob bandaid! lol

  5. so precious! I am planning a tea party for my little one! where did you get those darling hats?

  6. Kate's mom got them at Target. I'm not sure if they're still there, but they were in the dollar spot. They were $2.50 each!!! Great deal!!!!

  7. love this.
    who made the fairy cut-out?


  8. if not. can you explain how it's standing up, how you cut the hole...

    thank you!! you are very talented!

  9. This is so cute!! Can i ask how you got the bread pink?!

  10. Rebecca, my mom has a bread machine and was able to make the pink bread by simply adding a couple drops of red food color to the dough.

    And Jamie, I don't sell them. I would, but I have no idea how I would ship that! lol It is a thin piece of wood so it was standing up by just leaning against the wall. (in between the column and wall) And the hole was cut with a round saw. I'm good with tools. ;)

  11. as a boy mom, i am wishing to throw a pink party one day! sooo adorable!

  12. The cupcake rings - do tell how you did that!!

  13. adorable! thanks for sharing! great pics, your ideas are faaaabulous! I am running out today to get the book to introduce to my lil girl, mainly because I want a pinkalicious party!!!!

  14. The rings are made out of clay....maybe I'll do a tutorial when I get a chance. :)

  15. I love a good kids party! I always say "If you are going to do a themed party, DO a themed party!" Love it!

  16. My daughter is turning 4 in May and is insane over Pinkalicious! I'm soo excited to "copy" some of your ideas! ADORABLE!

  17. Did you make the favor tags?

  18. did you do the ring tutorial? I would love to know how to make them.

  19. HI Kate! I'm having a strawberry shortcake party for Caroline and just wanted to know how you hung the pink balloons from the ceiling? That is such a cute idea and I hope it will work in my house..I have really tall ceilings!

  20. Hi!
    Fabulous Party!
    I was wondering if you made the cupcake with a cake pan or if you carved it, and also how many servings did it yield?