Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cowboy Grayson turns one!

Remember this collection from Amanda's Parties To Go for Baby Colt's shower? Well, its been tweaked a bit for Grayson's first birthday!! Its pretty much a duplication of Colt's dessert table, but its too cute to not show off. :)

Grayson's smash cake...


  1. You don't sleep, do you? I want your mojo, girl! FABULOUS!!!!!!

  2. Finding time for sleep was a challenge this week. A party, 4 cakes and a dessert table. I spent up alllll my mojo. You should see the bags under my eyes! lol

  3. That is the best!! Love it. You have such talent!

  4. Question...did you use store bought rice krispie treats for the bales of hay? If you made them, what recipe did you use that would hold up?Thank you sooo much!!! Beautiful work!!!

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